Meet the Team

Troy Roberts - Founder, CEO, and Master Distiller

Troy is the entrepreneur and life long rum lover who founded Siesta Key Rum. He serves as the CEO and Master Distiller.

Troy founded Drum Circle Distilling in January of 2007. Before expanding from rum drinker to rum maker Troy founded several sports car enthusiast websites with his friend Ryan where business meetings usually involved automobile racing of one sort or another. Prior to that, Troy spent a decade in the corporate world where he was a Director of Product Management for Compuware Corporation. He spent the first part of his life being a beach bum in Sarasota, a ski bum in Denver, a sail bum in Santa Cruz, and a frozen yogurt store owner in Portland, Oregon. Eventually Troy decided to return to his Sarasota roots, sell the websites, and buy a still. 

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Nanci Roberts - Tasting Room Manager

​Nanci will greet you with a smile and a sample of rum when you visit our tasting room. When she is not in the tasting room she can be found creating art, walking the beach, cooking, and raising several sons with Troy.





Wyatt Roberts - Production Distiller 

Wyatt is one of the many Roberts boys. He has been helping out around the distillery since before he could ride a bike. He became a full time distiller after graduating high school in 2017.





Jim Roberts - Chief Engineer

Jim is Troy's dad. He is the guy who can fix things when nobody else can. He can also build most anything including our barrel racks and tasting room. Jim is a retired 747 captain. He has been an avid cruiser in both sail and motor boats. He was a champion formula car racer in his younger years.  




Ron Bryant - Lead Distiller 

​Ron is like the Energizer Bunny. He has more enthusiasm and energy than a grade schooler! He first worked at Siesta Key rum on a temporary basis helping out on packaging days. He quickly stood out and started taking on more responsibilities. It wasn't long before he became our lead production distiller. So much for retirement! 



Ryan Adams - "Quality Assurance"

Ryan became a minority shareholder in Drum Circle Distilling in 2010. As far as we can tell he joined the team for the free rum! Ryan was a co-founder of several sportscar websites with Troy Roberts in the late 90's. His participation is currently limited to occassional product "quality checks". 










Tom Clarke - Retired

Tom was a minority shareholder in Drum Circle Distilling from 2010 to 2017. Tom was responsible for administration. 

A graduate of the University of Florida, Tom's career was focused on computers. Prior to joining Drum Circle, Tom was a database administrator. He spent his free time over the years skiing the Colorado Rockies, kayaking Puget Sound, and mountain biking. He eventually decided that he would rather be back sitting on the beaches of Sarasota.