Limited Edition Beer Barrel Finish Spiced Rum

Beer barrel finish Florida rum with real spices and honey

Siesta Key Limited Edition Beer Barrel Finish Spiced rum is the result of collaborations with craft brewers. Every batch is unique because the barrels are all different. They have been used to age different beers and impart different flavors into our spiced rum.

The Limited Edition Beer Barrel Finish Spiced rum took the Best in Class gold medal at the largest dedicated rum competition in 2015. 

The upfront flavor has hints of the beer that was previously in the barrels. The middle is characterized by spice flavors mellowed by the time spent in the barrels. The finish carries through smoothly with the taste of honey prevalent.

Siesta Key Beer Barrel Finish Spiced Rum will be available primarily through the tasting room at the distillery. Quantities of each batch are quite limited. You can find the details of each batch on this page.


Batch 1: Batch 1 of Beer Barrel Finish was released in 2014. The barrels from this first batch came from Cigar City Brewing where they held a Belgian Quad called Forgotten Island.

Batch 2: Batch 2 barrels started out holding rum from our Distiller's Reserve Spiced Rum. Then we loaned them to JDub's Brewing where they held a Scotch Ale. The barrels range in size from 10 to 30 gallons.

Batch 3: Batch 3 used the same set of barrels as batch 2. After we created batch 2 we sent the barrels back to JDub's where they put in a Cherry Stout. That beer went on to be named one of the best of 2015. Batch 3 picked up some wonderful cherry notes in addition to the usual beer barrel spiced rum flavors.

Batch 4: Batch 4 was made in a single 53 gallon barrel that previously held a Bananas Foster beer from Big Top Brewing. This was a small batch that sold out quickly.

Batch 5: Batch 5 barrels were used to hold a Belgian dubbel called Ayawasca from Darwin's. 

Batch 6: The barrels from batch #6 held an imperial porter from JDub's called Miguel that had notes of chocolate and espresso.

Batch 7: Another extremely small batch from a single barrel that held Marron, an American brown ale, from Darwin's.

Batch 8: This is an extremely small batch from a single barrel that held Charapa, a spiced porter, from Darwin's.

Batch 9: These barrels were used by JDub's for an un-named imperial stout. This is a good size batch.

Batch 10: This is a delicious and interesting batch from barrels that were used by Barley Mow to age a fruit infused tropical pale ale called I Am Ocean. This one is so good we have already sent them more barrels for another batch!


Future releases will be from barrels used by Darwin's, Barley Mow, 3 Keys, JDub's, and more!


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Siesta Key Limited Edition Beer Barrel Spiced rum is made in Sarasota, Florida by Drum Circle Distilling. 35% ABV (70 Proof).