Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve Spiced Rum

Solera blend Florida rum with real spices and honey

The term "Distiller's Reserve" was not created by a marketing team to portray a particular image. Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve Spiced Rum was initially created by our distiller for his own personal enjoyment. It became so popular with family and friends that he eventually had to start making more! Supplies are still very limited and it is currently only available for purchase at the distillery tasting room starting at the end of September each year. Follow us on Facebook to get updates for release dates on upcoming batches.

The Distiller's Reserve spends time in barrels in a traditional solera method. In the solera method the oldest rum is never fully emptied from the barrels. The flavors from the real spices, honey, and Florida sugar cane continue to refine over time. The result is a very special spiced rum best enjoyed neat or on ice.

Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve is hand-crafted in small batches in Sarasota, Florida at our small, artisan distillery. We make our spiced rum by infusing our award winning rums with real spices and then adding honey for a bit of sweetness. We do not use any artificial flavors or sweeteners and you can taste the difference. 

The Caribbean Journal named Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve the best spiced rum avaialble anywhere in 2014. They said "It's getting to the point where we might have to change the name of this category to Siesta Key Rum of the Year. Three years three wins by the boutique distillery in Sarasota, Fla. This year, distiller Troy Roberts unveiled an even smaller batch rum, Distiller's Reserve, a solera-aged rum that acheives something almost unheard of in the spiced rum category: it's so good you can drink it neat."

Distiller's Reserve Spiced rum was rated 94 points by Wine Enthusiast magazine. This is a score almost unheard of for a spiced rum. They called it "remarkably complex for a flavored rum".

Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve Spiced rum took home two gold medals in the 2015 Rum Renaissance competition. One in the spiced rum category and one in the consumer category where it was up against long established rums with more than a decade in the barrel.

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Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve Spiced rum is made in Sarasota, Florida by Drum Circle Distilling. 40% ABV (80 Proof).