Drum Circle Distilling Siesta Key Gold Rum

Our Favorite Cocktails

Siesta Key Rums are flavorful rums that can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, or as the base of your favorite cocktail. Here are a few of our favorite cocktails:

Siesta Key Cucumber Infusion

Add 2 peeled & sliced cucumbers to 1 bottle of SK Silver rum. Put in a sealed container for 4 days in a cool dark location. Strain out the cucumber. Mix 2.5 oz Cucumber Rum with 1 oz. simple syrup and 1 oz. lime juice. Serve over ice. Delicious!

Siesta Key Lime Pie (recipe courtesy of Daiquiri Deck)

Creates one small pitcher. Mix 12 oz. water, 12 oz. Cream of Coconut, 9 oz. SK Toasted Coconut rum, 9 oz. whipped cream vodka, 9 oz key lime juice, and 3 oz. Frangelico. Shake and serve over ice. Garnish with whipped cream & a key lime slice.