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We hope you’ll take a brief journey through our site and learn about our award winning rums and our small batch distillation methods. Meet the team behind the rum (we're not some big faceless corporation!), or visit our News & Reviews page to see what professional reviewers and the press are saying. Check out some of our favorite recipes.

At our Sarasota, Florida distillery our spirits are hand-crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients and hands-on distillation in a copper pot still. We take our time and carefully watch over every step of the fermentation and distillation of Siesta Key rum. This allows us to produce a delicious rum that harkens back to a time before mass production and the bottom line determined the quality and flavor of rum. We put the rum first and it makes a difference.

We are passionate about our spirits and are inspired to bring you a remarkable experience. We hope you enjoy the Spirit of Sarasota… from Drum Circle Distilling.

Thanks for trying our rum!

Some quotes from the press:

"The best rum distillery in the United States"
"Siesta Key's signature spiced blend is a gold-medal knockout that isn't just the best in America, it's better than any in the Caribbean, too " 
Caribbean Journal

"Something the rum industry has not seen before"
"Raises the bar for every coconut rum in the U.S. marketplace" 
Got Rum magazine

"Best flavored rum EVER!" (SK Toasted Coconut)
Rum Connection

"94 Points. Remarkably complex" (SK Distiller's Reserve Solera Spiced)
Wine Enthusiast magazine

"91 Points. Best Buy" (SK Spiced)
Wine Enthusiast magazine

"It's getting to the point where we might have to change the name of this category to Siesta Key Rum of the Year. Three years three wins by the boutique distillery in Sarasota, Fla. This year, distiller Troy Roberts unveiled an even smaller batch rum, Distiller's Reserve, a solera-aged rum that acheives something almost unheard of in the spiced rum category: it's so good you can drink it neat."
Caribbean Journal

"Possibly the tastiest rum in the world"
Miami New Times

"Notes of cinnamon, caramel and butterscotch"

"Perhaps the best rum on the planet"
Herald Tribune

Spiced Rum of the Year 2012 - "wasn't even close!"
Caribbean Journal

Spiced Rum of the Year 2013 - "All year, we tried to find spiced rums better than last year's winner, Siesta Key Spiced Rum out of Florida. We did not succeed. The small-batch spiced rum made in Sarasota continues to amaze."
Caribbean Journal 

Spiced Rum of the Year 2014 - "We might have to change the name of this category to Siesta Key Rum of the year!"
Caribbean Journal

"As smooth as beach glass"
Garden and Gun magazine

"Dangerously drinkable"
Cooking Light magazine

"This distillery in Sarasota has set a standard for spiced rums around the world, and has also shown the world that America is producing some rather good rums of it's own"
CJ - 2015 Rummy Awards



Siesta Key Gold Rum
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